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Moral Letters

This is a modern take on Seneca's Moral Letters to Lucilius. I use them as tools in the ongoing search for what it means to live a good life. Although Seneca's words have been mined for centuries, each generation keeps turning up gemstones. I seek to polish old stones to show them in a new light.

What Are The Moral Letters for Modern Times?
000 On Why Do Anything
001 On Being Busy
002 On Consuming Social Media
003 On Friends, Not Followers
004 On The Quest For Immortality
005 On The Stealth Philosopher
006 On Sharing Wisdom
007 On Public Opinion
008 On The Teacher's Duty
009 On Friendship And Philosophy
010 On Attending To Yourself
011 On Introverts
012 On Aging
O13 On Anxiety
014 On Keeping A Low Profile
015 On Exercise Routines
016 On True And False Philosophy
017 On Wealth
018 On Deprivation
019 On Retirement
020 On Consistency
021 On Posterity
022 On Sticking To Your Decisions
023 On Finding Joy In The Right Places
024 On Conquering Fear
025 On Admitting Mistakes
026 On Senior Citizens
027 On Things of Lasting Value
028 On Traveling to Change
029 On Easy Lessons
030 On Reaping What Has Been Sown
031 On The Value Of Work
032 On Continuous Improvement
033 On Instagram-Worthy Quotes
034 On A Successor's Success
035 On Like Minds
036 On Defining Your Own Success
037 On Keeping Your Promise
038 On A Good Talk
039 On Drinking Deeply
040 On Composure
041 On Looking Within
042 On The Meaning Of Life
043 On Rumor And Fact
044 On Class And Philosophy
045 On Words And Meaning
046 On Your New Blog
047 On Bosses And Underlings
048 On Word Games And Worthy Matters
049 On How All Things End
050 On Those Who Will Not See
051 On Seven Popular Places
052 On Role Models
053 On Knowing Your Limits
054 On Existence And Its Opposite
055 On Cohen's Condos
056 On Calm Amidst Bedlam
057 On Outrunning Yourself
058 On Existence
059 On Joy And Enjoyment
060 On Dangerous Goals
061 On Living A Full Life
062 On Good Examples
063 On The Proper Measure Of Grief
064 On Philosophers, New And Old
065 On Fundamental Rules
066 On Stoic Virtues
067 On Endurance
068 On Private And Public Service
069 On Abiding In One Place
070 On The Will To Live
071 On The Greatest Good
072 On Business As A Distraction
073 On The Rule Of Law
074 On Internal Versus External Value
075 On Mind Viruses
076 On Continuing Education
077 On The Duty To Let Ideas Live
078 On Our Duty To Live
079 On Studying Beneath The Surface
080 On Training To Improve
081 On Generosity And Gratefulness
082 On Studies Of Substanc
083 On Losing One's Mind
084 On Inspiration And Progress
085 On Relative Values
086 On A Holiday Rental
087 On Living Simply
088 On The Best Course Of Study
089 On How To Study Philosophy
090 On Philosophy's Dividends
091 On The Utility In Catastrophe
092 On Life's Necessities
093 On The Length Of Life
094 On Precepts (Sayings)
095 On Doctrines (Theory)
096 On Adversity
097 On Our Rotten Times
098 On Counting On Chance
099 On Mourning The Dead
100 On Popular Authors
101 On Making Plans
102 On What Survives Us
103 On The Greatest Threat
104 On Self-Care
105 On Treading Safely
106 On Thoughts And Actions
107 On Accepting The Inevitable
108 On A Learning Mind
109 On Your Associations
110 On The Value Of Wealth
111 On Clever People
112 On New Students
113 On The Independence Of Reason
114 On Slogans
115 On False Fronts
116 On Slippery Slopes
117 On The AI Philosopher
118 On Stepping Off The Treadmill
119 On Nature As A Guide
120 On Divining Virtue
121 On Instincts And Archetypes
122 On Being A Nonconformist
123 On Thinking For Yourself
124 On Reason Of The Well-Ordered Mind

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Have you ever suspected there must be a better way to do something? In this series, we explore topics like happiness and habits, thinking and decision-making, communication, and more. I give you concrete tools you can use to continuously improve over time.

Happiness, Habits, and Incentives

About You
Wish I Was Here
No One Said Life Is Fair
Secret Plans
We're All Big Babies
Ways To Make Life Better (Why Not?)
5 Things I Learned About Quitting From 20 Years Of Running
Is Your Country a GDPaholic?
Your Attitude is the Best Predictor of Success
The Parable of the Stinky Shoe

Thinking and Decision-Making

A Bird In The Hand
Americans Are Not Competitive Enough
There Has Never Been A Better Time To Go Back To The Office (Really)
Why Experts Are The Last People We Should Listen To
James's Rules For Personal And Professional Success
The Stoic Career Path
Ten Things We Can All Agree On
Are You Globally Compeitive In Your Career?
These Things May Be Hurting Your Career
If You Ask The Wrong Questions...
You Are What You Eat
Achieve Better Outcomes by Being Humble

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My Two Cents

The common thread running through this series is human psychology: how we think, what we think, and how we can be led astray by our thoughts and those of others. Here we cover: economics and politics, questionable science, provocative statistics, predictable incentives, and more.

Economics and Politics

Incentives Are Everything
Congress Gets A Grade
Ways To Make Politics Better
Congress Is Performing As Expected
Americans Are Too Competitive
Pull The Emergency (Debt) Brake
The United States Is Not Bankrupt ... Yet
Is Congress Suffering From ADHD?
If You Did Your Performance Review Like A Central Bank
Where Does The 2% Inflation Target Come From Anyway?
Can Big Government Spending Make Anything Better?
Try Using Economics to Steer Your Life
Don't Worry About Greed

Questionable Science

Nutrition Advice Gives Me Indigestion
Aspirin Recommendations Make My Head Hurt
You Aren't What You Eat

Watch Out!

America, We're Failing The Marshmallow Test
Dean Wormer Was Right (We're All Flounder Now)
You're On Double Secret Probation
Freedom of Speech
The Oppressed Olympics
Don't Be An Idiot!
Hold Fast To Truth
Nothing Bad That Happens Is Your Fault

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Paradise Found

In the Paradise Found series, we are describing what we find upon returning to the United States after 25 years abroad in Switzerland. It is not the same place we left. How has the U.S. changed in the last 25 years? Read on if you want to see the U.S. through fresh eyes.

Beautiful Places
Paradise Found - Start Here
Paradise Found - Interim Update
Eight Views of the American South
Switzerland Is Not Sweden (But It Might As Well Be)
What Our Roads Say About Us
Flying Again
To the Citizens of the 2100s (from the 2020s)
Going Nowhere Fast
What's The Score, America?
Some Time-Savers Make Our Lives Worse
Americans Already Work Two Extra Full-Time Jobs
A Guide to the Best Methods of Tire Disposal
A Solution To The College Debt Crisis
What If Ray Dalio Is Right?
What Giving Up A Little Bit Of Freedom Could Get Us
Yeah, We Probably Shouldn't Be Voting

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The newsletters span the breadth of Klugne and may cover any of the main topic areas. We usually pick one main theme for each newsletter, and also briefly highlight the week's posts. You can read the newsletters on a standalone basis. See if any of the titles catch your attention.

001 Welcome to Klugne
002 Does Klugne Mean Something?
003 Opinions Are (Mostly) Free
004 Things We Wish Were True
005 No, The Stoics Were Not Joyless Grouches
006 The One Thing You Always Have With You
007 In Case You Are Too Busy To Read This
008 How To Avoid Too Much Of A Good Thing
009 How Not To Get Rich
010 Don't Mistake Certainty For Correctness
011 A Conversation Is The Worst Way To Communicate
012 Regret ... And Other Things That Compound
013 You Will Be What I Am
014 Don't WFH Yourself Out Of A Job
015 How Does It Benefit Me?
016 You Get What You Incentivize
017 How Will You Be Remembered?
018 You're Not Allowed To Disagree With Me
019 Are You Spreading Propaganda Knowingly Or Unknowingly?
020 Can You Succeed At Work Without Working Hard?
021 Would You Rather Win The Silver Or Bronze Medal?
022 Is Your Country A GDPaholic?
023 How To Implement A Project With Lackluster Management Support
024 I Want It Now!
025 With Experience Comes ... Patience
026 It's Good To Be The Boss!
027 Who Can Freely Speak Their Mind?
028 Keep Your Cool
029 Do You Want To Hear The Truth?
030 What Should We Wish For?
031 Do You Have A "More" Mindset?
032 On Beginnings ... And Endings
033 Advice For New Managers: Develop Principles
034 Can You Think Your Way To Success?
035 Bread And Circuses
036 How To Reliably Identify A Fool
037 Can We Pay Everyone The Same Salayy?
038 Try Not Telling People You're An Expert
039 Who Are The Most Cost-Effective Employees?
040 If You Don't Know The Costs Of Your Solution, You're Part Of The Problem
041 The Scariest Monsters Are Well-Intentioned
042 Why Aren't More Pharma Companies Non-Profits?
043 No One Cares As Much As You Do
044 What I Learned From Judging ... And Being Judged
045 Who's Running The Show
046 Whom Would You Vote To Banish?
047 When Suffering Is A Good Thing
048 Go Ahead, Become The Bigger Person
049 What The Heck Were They Thinking?
050 How's Your Moral Hygiene?
051 You Aren't What You Eat
052 A Solution To The College Debt Crisis
053 What If Ray Dalio Is Right?
054 What Giving Up A Little Bit Of Freedom Could Get Us
055 Can Big Government Spending Make Anything Better?
056 You Are What You Eat
057 Your Attitude is the Best Predictor of Success
058 Try Using Economics to Steer Your Life
059 Don't Worry About Greed
060 Yeah, We Probably Shouldn't Be Voting
061 America's Archduke Ferdinand Moment
062 A Little Philosophy Goes A Long Way
063 Our Wishful Thinking Era
064 When Leadership Fails
065 Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

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The articles here are intended for the law students I teach at the University of Zurich and EuropaInstitut. But if you find yourself compelled, feel free to check them out.

Drafting Contracts - Skills Test
Drafting Contracts - One Pager
US Federal System - Skills Test
US Tax & Administrative Law
What Are The Moral Letters for Modern Times?

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Guest Posts

These are posts contributed by some fantastic Guest authors. They know the audience of Klugne.com and have chosen topics that they believe will interest you.

The Student Becomes The Teacher - by Richard Freedberg
How To Learn By Listening - by Amy Tibbetts Dutton
Boring is Good - by Hualong Yang
Peripatetics - by Panagiotis Perysinakis

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