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Row upon row of people sitting in crowded bleachers

The Foregone Conclusion of the COP28 Cop-Out

Anyone who's worked on a team knows full well the reason governments are doomed to fail. Might us citizens also have the solution?
3 min read
Customer Service: Closing Down MY Account

Re-Imagining the CUSTOMER in Customer Service (by Stephen Faciszewski)

Greetings friends! Klugne readers are smart. This is most apparent when you can see them in action yourself. Today's illuminating
8 min read
Wall of stock certificates of defunct corporations

Unions Are Doing Humanity a Tremendous Service

At the same time, unions are inadvertently creating the conditions for their disappearance
3 min read
Gigantic croissant outside a bakery

What Do You Know About Food? (by Pauline Jacob)

We’ve quickly grown accustomed to a food landscape that favors our short-term productivity over long-term societal health
4 min read
Metal sculpture of a knot made of steel beams

Was COVID-19 Just a Bad Flu Season?

A case study of a method for working through emotional questions to arrive at reliable answers
7 min read
A green field with flowers and trees under a blue sky speckled with clouds

Would You Sell Your Time for 500x Less Than You Could Earn?

Although life is about so much more than making money, looking at this graph gave me pause
4 min read
Truck panel reading "Secure Destruction You Can Trust" above a saw blade

No, the END Does Not Justify the MEANS

A simple thought experiment reveals the perils of letting your desired outcome drive your actions
3 min read
Cyborg man standing in front of futuristic portal

Immortality is a Foolish Wish

A few reflections on why living forever should be no one's desire
2 min read
A row of colored pencils with the tips all at different lengths

A Solution to Income Inequality That Would Genuinely Work

And would not destroy economies or social cohesion in the process
3 min read
Resilience: a motorcyclist looking down over imposing mountain passes from above

Building Resilience at Work and in Life

A three-step method to help you build resilience: turning adversity into strength!
5 min read