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Welcome to Klugne!

I'm so glad you've found your way here. Welcome!
Lake at twilight with small blue and white rowboats in foreground
Lake Greifensee, Switzerland

How to live a good life, achieve satisfaction, and make better decisions. That's what you're here for, and that's what I hope to deliver.

The essays on Klugne are inspired by multiple sources: from Stoic wisdom to psychology, economics, and decades of practical business experience. For details, see About Me.

What's Here And How Do I Get Around?

Klugne is organized into three main sections: Live Well, Perform Well, and Think Well. I hope these short descriptions help you find what you're looking for.

Live Well

The Klugne Newsletter. Spend a few minutes each week on an interesting and entertaining look at life. Topics vary. The common thread is seeing things with a fresh perspective to help you live a good life. It is free and fabulous. Sign up here.

Stoic Wisdom. This is where you'll find approachable Stoic wisdom. Here we explore what humanity has learned about human nature over the millennia, and how to apply those lessons to daily life.

Happiness, Habits, and Incentives. These essays explore how to understand human incentives and leverage simple habits to drive lasting happiness.

Paradise Found. This series explores what it's like to move to the U.S. after 25 years away. What's changed? And has it changed for the better?

Sustainability. I ran the sustainability program for a global multinational company. I share here my thoughts about sustainability and ESG.

Small steamship with passengers on tranquil lake
Lake Greifensee, Switzerland

Perform Well

Career Path. I share inside tips about how to excel at work and have a great career. I draw on my 20+ years as General Counsel of an S&P 500 company. Taken from my weekly column in the global magazine ACC Docket.

Communicate Well. I collect here the best advice I've found on how to write, present, and persuade like a pro.

Culture, Economics & Politics. The place where we try to make sense of the big picture: what's going on with society as reflected in our economies and politics. Culture writ large.

Making Money. You won't find any get-rich-quick schemes here. But you will find advice on how to reliably improve your chances of achieving better financial outcomes.

Students. Mostly for students of my classes at the University of Zurich and Europa Institute. Maybe something for students of life, too.

Three people in a small rowboat, several sailboats in background
Lake Greifensee, Switzerland

Think Well

Kogito. This is where we try to take the guesswork out of decision-making. What advice and tools are right for us in our particular circumstances? In Kogito we objectively rate decision-making advice and tools.

Critical Thinking. Critical thinking is the process of thoughtfully analyzing information to arrive at well-founded conclusions. Learn to do it better here.

Passionately Wrong. This is where you'll find the Passionately Wrong podcast. Together with my friend Randy Surles, a former Ranger and Green Beret, we explore common pitfalls in thinking that can lead us astray.

Ferry boat viewed head on
Lake Greifensee, Switzerland

Oh, What Does Klugne Mean?

Klugne is a mashup of the German phrase "Klug, ne" meaning "Smart, huh."

My kids suggested it one evening when I was being too much of a know-it-all on something. It was their idea to use it as a website name.

I like it because the name is distinctive, relatively short, and easy to say in multiple languages. Plus it reminds me to be humble when I think I'm being too clever about something.

Please Join Me On The Journey

The Buddha says

If you light a lamp for somebody, it will
also brighten your path.

I'd be delighted if you joined me on this journey in search of happiness and satisfaction.

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Be well.