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Overview of Everything

This serves as a site map and handy index of everything on Klugne


About - Klugne
What’s on Klugne and where you will find it

Live Well

The Klugne Newsletter
For easy reference: here are all the Newsletters in one place and in chronological order
Stoic Wisdom
The power of an idea doesn’t depend on who it came from, but rather how it influences our behavior today.
Happiness, Habits, and Incentives
These essays explore how to understand human incentives and leverage simple habits to drive lasting happiness.
Paradise Found
This series explores what it’s like to move to the U.S. after 25 years away. What’s changed? And has it changed for the better?
What does the future hold? A former head of sustainability discusses ESG, diversity, renewable energy, stakeholder capitalism, regulation, and more

Perform Well

Career Path
I hope the articles here will help you see with fresh eyes your own career and progress in life. It is my sincere desire to help you succeed in your pursuits.
Communicate Well
I collect here the best advice I’ve found on how to write, present, and persuade like a pro
Culture, Economics, and Politics
Making sense of the big picture: what’s going on with society as reflected in our economies and politics. Culture writ large
Making Money
Making money is not a sure path to happiness or even the best one. Ideas on how to approach money productively
Reference materials for students of my classes at the University of Zurich and Europa Institute

Think Well

Kogito - Rating Decision-Making Advice and Tools
This is where we try to take the guesswork out of decision-making. What advice and tools are right for us in our particular circumstances? In Kogito we objectively rate decision-making advice and tools
Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is the process of thoughtfully analyzing information to arrive at well-founded conclusions. Learn to do it better here
Passionately Wrong Podcast
This is the Passionately Wrong Podcast, where we challenge your assumptions, offer different perspectives, and help you make better decisions


Guest Posts - Klugne
These are posts contributed by some fantastic Guest authors. You’ll find fresh perspectives from interesting voices. And they often disagree with me