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About You

I could not ask for better readers!

Most content is shallow, designed to arouse strong emotions. As such, consuming it comes at a cost. Not only lost time, but also in having our emotions manipulated and in our minds being influenced in ways we may not directly appreciate.

But not you! Here's some things I've learned about readers who spend time here, including those who have signed up to the free and fabulous weekly newsletter:

  1. You are looking for more than shallow entertainment and are in fact eager for an intellectual challenge.
  2. You are interested in understanding yourself, including what motivates you and what makes you happy (or unhappy).
  3. You may have spent time with other methods of self-improvement, including philosophy, psychology, meditation, or self-help books of various kinds.
  4. You are an over-achiever, used to doing well, but also pushing yourself hard.
  5. You have self-doubts: are you pushing too hard, does what you are striving for make sense, is there something else you could/should be doing?

I am like you, because I have had all these thoughts and feelings. See About Me if you want to know more.

Like you, I would rather explore topics to see where they lead than go through life uncritically. This means confronting tough questions, both regarding the world and regarding yourself. I am convinced we will be better and happier for it. I am reminded of the words of Julian of Norwich, the English anchoress, who said:

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well!

Ultimately, it is my desire for you to be well, for me to be well, and for society to be well. By the explorations we take together, I think we can help alleviate unnecessary suffering, in ourselves and in others.

This is a worthy goal, and that is why I could not ask for better readers.

Be well.