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001 Welcome to Klugne
002 Does Klugne Mean Something?
003 Opinions Are (Mostly) Free
004 Things We Wish Were True
005 No, The Stoics Were Not Joyless Grouches

No, The Stoics Were Not Joyless Grouches (Newsletter 005)
Knowing the difference between wanting something, even wanting it badly, and needing it in order to feel happy, is useful in life.

006 The One Thing You Always Have With You
007 In Case You Are Too Busy To Read This
008 How To Avoid Too Much Of A Good Thing
009 How Not To Get Rich
010 Don't Mistake Certainty For Correctness

Don’t Mistake Certainty For Correctness (Newsletter 010)
We can be just as wrong about something when we are absolutely convinced it’s true as when we’re uncertain.

011 A Conversation Is The Worst Way To Communicate
012 Regret ... And Other Things That Compound
013 You Will Be What I Am
014 Don't WFH Yourself Out Of A Job
015 How Does It Benefit Me?

How Does It Benefit Me? (Newsletter 015)
We are not entitled to unlimited freedom at the expense of our fellow citizens.

016 You Get What You Incentivize
017 How Will You Be Remembered?
018 You're Not Allowed To Disagree With Me
019 Are You Spreading Propaganda Knowingly Or Unknowingly?
020 Can You Succeed At Work Without Working Hard?

Can You Succeed At Work Without Working Hard? (Newsletter 020)
You will always outcompete someone who is not willing to put in the same time as you. I refer not just to hours spent working, but in learning how not to waste time, and how productively to use the time you have focused on the right priorities.

021 Would You Rather Win The Silver Or Bronze Medal?
022 Is Your Country A GDPaholic?
023 How To Implement A Project With Lackluster Management Support
024 I Want It Now!
025 With Experience Comes ... Patience

With Experience Comes ... Patience (Newsletter 025)
Is there any way to become mindful without age and experience? I believe philosophy holds a potential key, and Stoicism in particular. It is mindfulness itself that grants us agency over our thoughts. We can think ourselves unwell, or well.

026 It's Good To Be The Boss!
027 Who Can Freely Speak Their Mind?
028 Keep Your Cool
029 Do You Want To Hear The Truth?
030 What Should We Wish For?

What Should We Wish For? (Newsletter 030)
Perhaps we should wish for something other than more of the promotions, wealth, and possessions that haven’t seemed to make us happier yet.

031 Do You Have A "More" Mindset?
032 On Beginnings ... And Endings
033 Advice For New Managers: Develop Principles
034 Can You Think Your Way To Success?
035 Bread And Circuses

Bread and Circuses (Newsletter 035)
We often mistake advances in technology with advances in the human condition itself.

036 How To Reliably Identify A Fool
037 Can We Pay Everyone The Same Salary?
038 Try Not Telling People You're An Expert
039 Who Are The Most Cost-Effective Employees?
040 If You Don't Know The Costs Of Your Solution, You're Part Of The Problem

If You Don’t Know The Costs Of Your Solution, You’re Part Of The Problem (Newsletter 040)
Here’s where things get difficult fast: identifying which problems are worth focusing on, and which solutions are worth pursuing among many possible approaches.

041 The Scariest Monsters Are Well-Intentioned
042 Why Aren't More Pharma Companies Non-Profits?
043 No One Cares As Much As You Do
044 What I Learned From Judging ... And Being Judged
045 Who's Running The Show

Who’s Running The Show? (Newsletter 045)
Let’s call the first group the Shit Happens adherents and the other group I Make Things Happen. Do you count yourself among either group? Here’s how to tell.

046 Whom Would You Vote To Banish?
047 When Suffering Is A Good Thing
048 Go Ahead, Become The Bigger Person
049 What The Heck Were They Thinking?
050 How's Your Moral Hygiene?

How’s Your Moral Hygiene? (Newsletter 050)
When it comes to achieving good health, people have followed physical hygiene practices for over a century with good results, dietary hygiene practices for half that time with decidedly mixed results, and mental hygiene practices for a few decades with promising results.

051 You Aren't What You Eat
052 A Solution To The College Debt Crisis
053 What If Ray Dalio Is Right?
054 What Giving Up A Little Bit Of Freedom Could Get Us
055 Can Big Government Spending Make Anything Better?

Can Big Government Spending Make Anything Better? (Newsletter 055)
I’d argue that the single greatest problem in government is lack of accountability: we look only to the desirability of the policy objective and not to how well our policies achieve the intended result.

056 You Are What You Eat
057 Your Attitude is the Best Predictor of Success
058 Try Using Economics to Steer Your Life
059 Don't Worry About Greed
060 Yeah, We Probably Shouldn't Be Voting

Yeah, We Probably Shouldn’t Be Voting (Newsletter 060)
When we delegate to politicians our obligations as citizens, we are at the mercy of our politicians faithfully executing our wishes.

061 America's Archduke Ferdinand Moment
062 A Little Philosophy Goes A Long Way
063 Our Wishful Thinking Era
064 When Leadership Fails
065 Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

Disagree Without Being Disagreeable (Newsletter 065)
Ideas spread and become influential because they win over new adherents. If you want your ideas to gain traction you must expose them to people who do not yet agree with you.

066 What Would You Do With 1,000 Hours?
067 Jump Right In, The Water's Fine
068 How Valuable Is Consistency?
069 Slouching Towards Catastrophe
070 Looking On the Bright Side

Looking On the Bright Side (Newsletter 070)
The more you are willing to look honestly at the ugliness in modern life, the more vital it is you add optimism to your mix.

071 The Scorecard One Year On – Is Anyone Winning?
072 How to Measure Your Impact on the World
073 What Will You Make That Lasts?
074 I've Got a Tip for You
075 Do We Have Any Rights as Taxpayers

What Are Your Rights as a Taxpayer?
Only one in ten Americans trust themselves to file their tax return without outside help.

I'm Going to Share my Secret to Success
Effective Altruism Begins Close to Home
Stakeholder Capitalism: the Myth, the Misunderstanding, and a Lie
Let's Give Politicians a Vacation
Is There Pleasure and Profit in Walking to Places?

Is There Pleasure and Profit in Walking to Places?
Is it because we’re pressed for time that we don’t want to get out of our cars? Or because we don’t want to walk?

The Healing Ozone Layer is a Warning, Not a Blessing
Can Doing Less Help You Shine Like a Superstar?
The West Owes this Couple a Huge Thank You
Would You Consider Becoming a Criminal?
Definitive Proof That Women Are Smarter Than Men

Definitive Proof That Women Are Smarter Than Men
We still believe that women today are disadvantaged compared to men

The Best Lawyers Are More Plumbers Than Professors
What I Learned Negotiating for a Living
How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Debt
It Took Me 20 Years To Join This Ultra-Exclusive Club
It's 10:00 p.m. – Do You Know Where Your Crypto Is?

It’s 10:00 p.m. — Do You Know Where Your Crypto Is?
There is much we don’t know or can’t be sure of. And what we do know with certainty is not comforting.

What if Humanity Created God Rather Than the Opposite?
How Younger Generations Might Inadvertently Destroy Civilization
I Predict an Epic Lawsuit Against Food Companies
How I Made It to the Top 3 Google Search Results
The Overwhelming Case for Optimism – Read on to Feel Better Immediately

The Overwhelming Case for Optimism — Read on to Feel Better Immediately
Bellerjeau’s Law of Human Potential explains why humanity’s future has never looked better

What's The Toughest Race in the World?
A Truly Reliable Way To Increase Your Earnings