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Klugne News for Loyal Readers

Some of you have been with me on the journey from the beginning, and others have joined in recent weeks and days.
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Greetings friends!

Let me start by saying a heartfelt thank you. I am grateful for each one of you, and I appreciate you spending a few minutes with me each week.

Today we're going to peek behind the curtain together. Specifically, I'll share some stats about Klugne itself, about the readers (that's you!), and about your blogger-in-chief (that's me).

I'll also tell you what the future holds. Predictions await!

How Has Klugne Developed?

It's been not quite two years since I went live with Klugne. Do any of you remember the first article I posted? It was Nutrition Advice Gives Me Indigestion.

Nutrition Advice Gives Me Indigestion
What is by turns amusing and maddening about nutrition advice are the villains variously fingered as the causes of our ill health.

That set the tone for what Klugne would come to represent: a fresh look at a topic affecting our daily lives with some interesting conclusions. Sometimes surprising, sometimes frustrating, but never boring.

Since then, at least one post a week, consisting of the Friday newsletter. This month will see the 100th edition.

But often much more than the newsletter. If you haven't seen some of these articles, I encourage you to explore Klugne a bit:

If any of you is inspired to contribute a piece, I would be delighted. Contact me by replying to this newsletter.

Who's Reading Klugne?

Some of you have been with me on the journey from the beginning, and others have joined in recent weeks and days.

We crossed over the 500 subscriber mark recently, and I'm delighted at the steady growth. I believe sharing wisdom makes the world better, which is why I started Klugne.

If you know someone that you think would appreciate Klugne, please forward this mail to them.

As great as the number of subscribers is, check out how many people are making their way to Klugne.com:

Google Analytics screenshot of Klugne views Sept. 2022 to April 2023

Readers come from all over the world:

Google Analytics screenshot of Klugne users 2023 to date

If you ever wondered about the global reach of the Internet, this picture says a lot.

Do I Do Anything But Write Klugne Posts?

Klugne gets a lot of my attention, it's true. And you'd be surprised (or maybe not) at how many other ways I've found to write in public.

My two main outlets are, firstly, the weekly Career Path column I write for the Association of Corporate Counsel. I'm already up to 70 articles, and there's more to come.  

Secondly, in the last six months, I've been writing on Medium. You can think of Medium as a supercharged blog: it's got hundreds of thousands of writers and tens of millions of readers.

  • I've published almost 200 articles on Medium, although there's been some overlap with Klugne and Career Path.
  • I have launched two publications on Medium, Pragmatic Wisdom and Career Paths. They're inspired by my work on Klugne and for the Association of Corporate Counsel, but also contain novel content.  
  • I'm getting ready to launch a third Medium publication called Kogito. This one is all about taking the guesswork out of decision-making.
If you are looking for brilliant voices from all over the world, subscribe to Medium. At $5/month, it's one of the absolute best bargains for readers I know.

The Passionately Wrong Podcast

And even more recently, I've started a podcast with a friend from the American School of the Hague, Randall Surles.

He and I took radically different paths upon leaving high school. While I went the corporate route, Randy became a Green Beret special forces soldier and served for decades around the globe.

You can watch us describe it here (click here for other listening options, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.):

The introductory podcast - Meet James and Randy

We've got 13 episodes live and are uploading a new one each week.

I invite you to join us in our free-flowing discussions as we discover just how many of the same lessons we learned in our very different environments.

What Does the Future Hold?

Thanks for reading this far. It's loyal readers (and now listeners) like you that make the effort worthwhile.

I will keep creating for as long as readers like you find it helpful and interesting.

  • Do you want something different? Let me know.
  • Do you like what you're getting? Please let me know that as well.

In the meantime, I wish you happy reading.

Be well.

Hit reply to tell me what's on your mind or write a comment directly on Klugne. If you received this mail from a friend and would like to subscribe to my free weekly newsletter, click here.