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Making Money

Making money is not a sure path to happiness or even the best one. Ideas on how to approach money productively

Considering the articles you'll find here, this section might just as well be entitled Why Making Money Isn't For Everyone.

A Few Stoic Views On Money

017 - On Wealth - Moral Letters for Modern Times
Once one’s feet are stuck on the path to wealth, the scantest few manage to pry themselves from it.
027 - On Things Of Lasting Value - Moral Letters for Modern Times
Not all appreciate that hard work and sacrifice are not just the price for rewards, but a necessary precondition for valuing them.
031 - On The Value Of Work - Moral Letters for Modern Times
The true value of work is when it brings you not possessions, but self-possession, and knowledge of what is worth pursuing and what can be safely cast aside.
110 - On The Value Of Wealth - Moral Letters for Modern Times
The true responsibility of parents is to raise their children to be capable of safely making their own way in the world, and not to remove every obstacle from their paths.
118 - On Stepping Off The Treadmill - Moral Letters for Modern Times
It is certainly good to be confident in what you are doing because self-doubt is destructive of peace of mind. But it is better to first be self-critical and to reflect on what you are doing.

Articles About Money and Happiness

The Worst Career Advice
The happiest people I know are the ones who learn that success is not measured in money.
For a Great Career, Pursue Happiness Rather than Ambition
Pursuing ambitions can be counterproductive to our job performance. Prioritizing happiness instead brings multiple benefits.
Is Your Country A GDPaholic? (Newsletter 022)
People all over the world are telling us something about their well-being that is not being captured in measures of GDP. They are telling us this loudly and clearly if you look for the data, and policymakers are largely ignoring them.

Earning, Investing, and Taxes

Career Path: How Not To Get Rich
Being “rich” is relative, and while some see dollar signs, others see rest and early retirement as their personal wealth. #ACCDocket #MondayMotivation
Tips To Succeed on Medium
Advice for people who want to make money with their writing, particularly those who are writing on Medium. I discuss Medium Math, claps, followers, and more
It’s 10:00 p.m. — Do You Know Where Your Crypto Is?
A scary list of things we want to know, but don’t
Crypto Investors: Do You Pay Tax on Your Crypto Gains?
The government wants to know about your crypto transactions
U.S. Expats: Why You Struggle to Open a Bank Account
Many banks now refuse to take U.S. customers.
What Are Your Rights as a Taxpayer?
Only one in ten Americans trust themselves to file their tax return without outside help.