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JD, MBA, Professor, Career Path columnist, and Medium Top Writer
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Greetings friends! I created Klugne to share ideas on how to live a good life, make better decisions, and achieve satisfaction.

I draw upon my experience as General Counsel of a global multinational, as well as my earlier studies in psychology, law, and business. My perspectives were broadened and rounded by then running a global sustainability program.

Now I write the weekly Career Path column in the ACC Docket, the magazine for in-house lawyers, and teach law students at the University of Zurich.

I'm deeply committed to helping people think clearly, make better decisions, and live good lives. My hope for you?

I want you to find something here that changes your life.

That's why I'm writing and I hope you become a regular reader. The easiest way to do so is to sign up for the free and fabulous weekly newsletter.

Be well.

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