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Hold Fast To Truth
Holding fast to truth is not an easy path, but it is the least difficult of all other alternatives. This is a tribute to Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s 1974 essay “Live Not By Lies”*
Going Nowhere Fast
Hey airlines, newsflash: we only fly when we have absolutely no alternative. You make the U.S. Postal Service look well run.
Don’t Be An Idiot!
This list is for amusement only. Any overlap between my list and an idea you hold dear, or something you may have done, or even someone you believe you recognize, is purely coincidental. Really.
Switzerland Is Not Sweden (But It Might As Well Be)
We pay different attention to things close to home than we do those farther away.
The Stoic Career Path
We are ambitious because we think this will bring us happiness, but we make ourselves unhappy in the pursuit of our ambitions.
James’s Rules for Personal and Professional Success
To perform at a high level, you need self-awareness and emotional intelligence, which includes knowing how you interact with others. Ask for feedback, and take it seriously but not personally.
The Student Becomes The Teacher (by Richard Freedberg)
I have learned more from my students than they have ever learned from me.
Eight Views Of America In Late 2021
It is time to start talking about the United States. Today I will share our first impressions after not quite two months on the ground.
How to Learn by Listening (by Amy Tibbetts Dutton)
To learn anything, we must listen to others – really listen and hear them. And then believe them.
5 Things I Learned About Quitting from 20 Years of Running
You can accomplish great things if you keep going. You almost always can do more than you initially think.