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Welcome to Klugne
I’m so glad you’ve found your way here. Welcome!
I’m Going to Share my Secret to Success
This simple concept explains why the world is divided into an elite one percent, a highly effective 10 percent, and everyone else.
I’ve Got a Tip for You (Newsletter 074)
Tipping in America requires just a few ingredients: a transaction involving at least two individuals and money changing hands, including electronically.
What Will You Make That Lasts? (Newsletter 073)
There’s always someone saying the system doesn’t work perfectly. And they’re almost always right.
How to Find Your Way to the Other Side (by Kathryn Eriksen)
You will discover what you knew all along
How to Measure Your Impact on the World (Newsletter 072)
Introducing the Purpose-Influence-Power Model
Cool Final Words (by Erek Dorman)
You can die, croak, expire, buy the farm, get your ticket punched, take the dirt nap, push up daisies, pass away, bite the big one, bite the dust, or kick the bucket.
The Student Becomes The Teacher (by Richard Freedberg)
I have learned more from my students than they have ever learned from me.
The Stoic Career Path
We are ambitious because we think this will bring us happiness, but we make ourselves unhappy in the pursuit of our ambitions.