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What does the future hold? A former head of sustainability discusses ESG, diversity, renewable energy, stakeholder capitalism, regulation, and more
What Climate Alarmists Get Wrong About the Science
Solving hard problems in the real world involves more than climate science
How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Global Warming
A look at why more CO2 and increasing temperatures are wonderful
The Wage Gap Is More Costly Than We Realize
But not for the reason that you may be thinking
The West Owes this Couple a Huge Thank You
The Population Bomb was entirely wrong, but it helped persuade our greatest competitor to curb their growth
Let’s Demonize CO2 (by Christian Walter)
There is simply no alternative to decarbonizing the economy. It may be hard, but we should not stop trying to accomplish it.
The Healing Ozone Layer is a Warning, Not a Blessing
The good news is also a warning because it reminds us how incentives drive behavior
Career Path: Can Anything Save Corporations’ Tainted Image?
James Bellerjeau’s latest Career Path column addresses how to secure a strong future for your business, despite regulations, and forge a greater positive impact on society in doing so. #ACCDocket #mindfulmonday #mondaymotivation
Career Path: Corporations are People Too
Corporations are frequently criticized for major violations and obscene greed, but what about all the good they accomplish for their employees and society? Learn why James Bellerjeau believes corporations deserve a more balanced assessment. #ACCDocket #MindfulMonday, #MondayMotivation
Career Path: Why Aren’t More Pharma Companies Nonprofits?
When you look past the surface of things to the incentives that drive behavior, you sometimes find surprising things. #ACCDocket #MondayMotivation #pharma
Stakeholder Capitalism: the Myth, the Misunderstanding, and a Lie
Delivering shareholder value is entirely consistent with taking a long-term view. And short-term profits have nothing to do with it.
Career Path: Dealing with One-issue Stakeholders
Advocates can get in the way of your work, but their issues are often critical to understand. Good ESG communication skills will help you rise above troubling challenges. #ACCDocket #MondayMotivation

Stakeholder Capitalism – An Eight-Part Series

Unintended Does Not Mean Unforeseeable
Bad laws create predictable unwanted outcomes.
Do Positive or Negative Incentives Work Better?
Hint, what would you prefer in your own life?
What is the Social Responsibility of Business?
Milton Friedman was right. Why increasing profits helps us all.
Why “Do the Right Thing” is a Ridiculous Motto
Sounds nice. Unworkable in practice.
Stakeholder Capitalism Inevitably Turns into Identity Politics
My group deserves more than your group.
Why Forcing Companies to Do Good Harms Society
Companies have rights, too.
Why Stakeholder Capitalism Creates Chaos
Competing priorities lead to “squeaky wheel” decisions.
The Simple Reason Utopian Societies Always Fail
People are the common element and people are flawed.