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Critical Thinking In Practice

The common thread in these articles is the use of critical thinking to arrive at sometimes surprising conclusions
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Critical thinking is the process of thoughtfully analyzing information to arrive at well-founded conclusions.

Thinking To Achieve the Outcomes You Want

When You Go on a Rant and the Comments Are All Positive
It doesn’t mean you’re right. In fact, it may mean something worse than being wrong.
Most Advice Fails One of These Two Tests
Plus, why people don’t take advice.
I’m Going to Share my Secret to Success
This simple concept explains why the world is divided into an elite one percent, a highly effective 10 percent, and everyone else.
Achieve Better Outcomes by Being Humble
When we get into the habit of considering what could go wrong before we act, we can improve our odds of future success without having to first personally experience failure.
How Valuable is Consistency? (Newsletter 068)
It takes discipline and conviction to stay true to a slow but steady course. Particularly when you’re regularly confronted with examples of instant success.
If You Ask The Wrong Questions...
Because we do not like feeling uncomfortable, our natural tendency is to seek out information that conforms to our existing beliefs and to ignore conflicting information.
A Bird In The Hand ...
We value things we can have now more than things we will receive in the future.If there is uncertainty about what we may receive in the future, we also value it less.

When Critical Thinking Fails

Americans Are Not Competitive Enough
Applying tough standards consistently sends the message that hard work and study are rewarded. Yes, it also differentiates among those who have performed well and those who have not.
Why Experts Are The Last People We Should Listen To
Well-meaning does not mean impartial
You Aren’t What You Eat (Newsletter 051)
The more we learn about nutrition, the more we learn that our inputs do not directly correlate to outputs.
You Are What You Eat (Newsletter 056)
We humans are profoundly affected by another type of consumption besides what we put in our mouths, and that is what we put in our minds.
Nutrition Advice Gives Me Indigestion
What is by turns amusing and maddening about nutrition advice are the villains variously fingered as the causes of our ill health.
Aspirin Recommendations Make My Head Hurt
How could so many experts have been so wrong about something that everyone believed for decades?