Paradise Found

Paradise Found

In the Paradise Found series, we are describing what we find upon returning to the United States after 25 years abroad in Switzerland. It is not the same place we left. How has the U.S. changed in the last 25 years? Read on if you want to see the U.S. through fresh eyes.
Sculpture of a baby sitting on an upturned hand - wishful thinking is the province of children

The Contradiction Living in the Hearts of Americans

From the American Dream, we’ve descended into childish wishful thinking
4 min read
Man standing before chalkboard with drawing of large biceps

From American Exceptionalism to American Wimps

When did we become a nation of risk-averse underachievers?
3 min read
Drawings of Presidents Biden and Trump

Stop Voting for Those Who Would Destroy Us

The issues that would seem to divide us are wildly exaggerated and for one purpose only
6 min read
Closeup of violet flowers amidst greenery

Paradise Found

In the Paradise Found series, we are describing what we find upon returning to the United States after 25 years
7 min read
Man holding cheesy burger in front of large stomach

I Predict an Epic Lawsuit Against Food Companies

We’re unhealthier than ever and someone’s going to pay a staggering amount in damages
5 min read
Word LOVE painted in red on a white wall with red heart underneath

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Debt

Why America's outsized debt is wonderful
4 min read
Gravel path stretching off into horizon with cornfield on left, wheatfield on right, and sunflowers in distance

Is There Pleasure and Profit in Walking to Places?

Is it because we're pressed for time that we don't want to get out of our cars? Or because we don't want to walk?
5 min read
Screenshot of the top of the US Taxpayer Bill of Rights, also referred to as IRS Publication 1.

Do We Have Any Rights as Taxpayers? (Newsletter 075)

Only one in ten Americans trust themselves to file their tax return without outside help.
6 min read
Brick wall painted black on top of 45-degree diagonal and yellow on bottom. Painted words "shop lokal or else"

I've Got a Tip for You (Newsletter 074)

Tipping in America requires just a few ingredients: a transaction involving at least two individuals and money changing hands, including electronically.
6 min read
Empty airport walkway, with seats in foreground and escalators stretching off in distance

The Scorecard One Year On – Is Anyone Winning? (Newsletter 071)

We can turn America's score around if we want. But first we have to accept that no one else is coming to do it for us.
5 min read