These posts cover the tremendous power of habits. We are what we repeatedly do, and we become what we set our minds to doing via habits.
Airport lounge showing yellow support beams and an undulating ceiling

If You Scheduled Your Day Like an Airline

If you let your aim point downwards, even a little bit, don’t be surprised if you end up in places you don’t want to be
6 min read
A runner in shorts and t-shirt with striped socks near the finish of a race. On my way to finishing my 20th Zurich marathon

A Glass of Water Almost Ended My Running Career

A health scare leads to a life lesson, a reminder, and a simple tip
6 min read
Store shelf with many boxes of colorful cake mix branded "Funfetti." We could all use more fun in our lives

Financial Lessons for Us Average Folk in the Hunter Biden Indictment

Studying Hunter's eye-opening spending to glean some valuable lessons for average earners
5 min read
A pair of red, white, and blue running shoes

I Ran Every Day for 8 Months

What a running streak is and what it might do for you
3 min read
A small dog sitting on the seat of a bright green golf cart

My To-Do List Just Got Awesome

What happens when you don't only put chores on your list?
2 min read
Man standing before chalkboard with drawing of large biceps

From American Exceptionalism to American Wimps

When did we become a nation of risk-averse underachievers?
3 min read
Plastic tray with hot dog, salad, chicken sandwich, and grilled cheese with fries

Bucket List, Eh. I'm Starting a F—It List

Letting go is so much more rewarding
3 min read
Colorful trucks and cars on green grass at a hobby car show

How To Identify Hobbies That Are Complete Timewasters

A thought experiment to help your own thinking. This might be more helpful to your happiness than you at first suspect.
4 min read
Finish line of 2022 IronMan World Championship

What's The Toughest Race in the World?

Because we're talking about human endeavors, toughness is measured in all the ways that people may find themselves suffering.
6 min read
Church spire in bright sunlight before a blue sky

What if Humanity Created God Rather Than the Opposite?

Rather than creativity being something special and rare, I now lean towards thinking it's much rarer for people to stifle their instinct to create
4 min read