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Be Patient

All good things come to those who wait.
Be Patient

The next Moral Letter is already written and I will publish it soon, I promise.

I am publishing two Moral Letters each week, one on Monday and one on Thursday.

Could you read all 124 Letters in one great gulp? No doubt, and I know some of you would prefer it that way.

Seneca wrote his letters one at a time, and Lucilius had to wait weeks and months sometimes between installments.

I wrote the Moral Letters one at a time as well. I thought carefully about each of them. If I give you no more than one letter at a time, be patient.

My steady publishing rhythm has a purpose. It is partly with the idea that you will spend a little time with each topic. Maybe you will even reflect later on what you read as you think about what it means for you.

I sincerely appreciate your interest.

Be well.