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To My Friends and Colleagues at MT

To My Friends and Colleagues at MT

James here with a quick message.

I recommend you sign up to Klugne.com using a private email address to make sure you get the Friday newsletter without fail. If you prefer, email me at James@Klugne.com and I will add your private email to the list.

Why is this a good idea? Several reasons:

  • MT has a powerful email filter, and we screen literally billions of spam mails from ever reaching you. It can happen that Klugne gets caught in the filter now and then.
  • It's not been long, but I've noticed a number of colleagues moving on as well. Some retire, some find another opportunity. I've enjoyed staying in touch with colleagues wherever they are.

And speaking of transitions, in case you missed it, check out On Beginnings ... And Endings (Newsletter 032).

Be well.