Watch Out!

These posts address topics that represent a danger to our well-ordered state of mind. Here we cover things that make us mad or give rise to passions. This can lead to bad decisions and suboptimal outcomes
Drawings of Presidents Biden and Trump

Stop Voting for Incompetent Jerks Who Would Destroy Us

The issues that would seem to divide us are wildly exaggerated and for one purpose only
6 min read
Man holding cheesy burger in front of large stomach

I Predict an Epic Lawsuit Against Food Companies

We’re unhealthier than ever and someone’s going to pay a staggering amount in damages
5 min read
Earth from space halfway encircled with a ring of fire

How Younger Generations Might Inadvertently Destroy Civilization

We’ve grown comfortable blaming Armageddon on Boomers. But what if Gen Y and Gen Z bring about the end of days?
6 min read
Crowd of people on a city street

The West Owes this Couple a Huge Thank You

The Population Bomb was entirely wrong, but it helped persuade our greatest competitor to curb their growth
4 min read
Top-down view of the globe with swirling blue-green colors indicating ozone concentrations

The Healing Ozone Layer is a Warning, Not a Blessing

The good news is also a warning because it reminds us how incentives drive behavior
3 min read
Gravel path stretching off into horizon with cornfield on left, wheatfield on right, and sunflowers in distance

Is There Pleasure and Profit in Walking to Places?

Is it because we're pressed for time that we don't want to get out of our cars? Or because we don't want to walk?
5 min read
Screenshot of the top of the US Taxpayer Bill of Rights, also referred to as IRS Publication 1.

Do We Have Any Rights as Taxpayers? (Newsletter 075)

Only one in ten Americans trust themselves to file their tax return without outside help.
6 min read
Facade of the National Archives Museum in Washington, DC, seen from the edge of the National Gallery sculpture garden

What Will You Make That Lasts? (Newsletter 073)

There's always someone saying the system doesn't work perfectly. And they're almost always right.
6 min read
Empty airport walkway, with seats in foreground and escalators stretching off in distance

The Scorecard One Year On – Is Anyone Winning? (Newsletter 071)

We can turn America's score around if we want. But first we have to accept that no one else is coming to do it for us.
5 min read
The Downside to Academic Life in the United States

The Downside to Academic Life in the United States

I can either go along and not make waves, or I can be an interesting and honest teacher who challenges students to think and learn. I'm not at all sure I can do both.
4 min read