Questionable Science

These posts address questionable science topics, including things like nutrition, psychology, and self-help.
Sign reading "If overthinking situations burned calories, I'd be dead." Wait, human breathing releases CO2!

All the Right Data, All the Wrong Conclusions

A bit of psychology and a bit of economics help us see what climate alarmists entirely miss
5 min read
Large metal sign in a field reading U N I T Y

My Favorite Insults from Commenters

If you're going to take a swipe at someone, at least be clever about it
4 min read
Woman bathing under a waterfall

A Simple Way to Cut the Gordian Knot of Gender

Don’t read too much into this but by all means, read on
3 min read
Gigantic croissant outside a bakery

What Do You Know About Food? (by Pauline Jacob)

We’ve quickly grown accustomed to a food landscape that favors our short-term productivity over long-term societal health
4 min read
A boardwalk curving into the distance amongst thick, green reeds

What if We All Showed Up for a Climate Disaster That Didn’t Happen?

We’re in the process of committing possibly the greatest waste of resources in human history
3 min read
Lakeshore with reeds and trees under a cloudy sky

What Climate Alarmists Get Wrong About the Science

Solving hard problems in the real world involves more than climate science
4 min read
Crowd of people on a city street

The West Owes this Couple a Huge Thank You

The Population Bomb was entirely wrong, but it helped persuade our greatest competitor to curb their growth
4 min read
Top-down view of the globe with swirling blue-green colors indicating ozone concentrations

The Healing Ozone Layer is a Warning, Not a Blessing

The good news is also a warning because it reminds us how incentives drive behavior
3 min read
Book cover excerpt showing a small globe and the words "A global economy that works for progress, people and planet"

Stakeholder Capitalism: the Myth, the Misunderstanding, and a Lie

Delivering shareholder value is entirely consistent with taking a long-term view. And short-term profits have nothing to do with it.
7 min read
Our Wishful Thinking Era (Newsletter 063)

Our Wishful Thinking Era (Newsletter 063)

In our wishful thinking era, there is only one thing more harmful than the lies we willingly believe, and that is pointing out the truth.
5 min read