A wealthy-looking man in a cashmere coat standing before an impressive entry gate. Why yes, that is my castle.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Independently Wealthy?

Money is just the start of it, perhaps not even the hardest part
5 min read
Camera lenses on display with prices

What Happens To All The Obsolete Technology?

Market opportunities abound for the savvy collector
4 min read
Store shelf with many boxes of colorful cake mix branded "Funfetti." We could all use more fun in our lives

Financial Lessons for Us Average Folk in the Hunter Biden Indictment

Studying Hunter's eye-opening spending to glean some valuable lessons for average earners
5 min read
Without Words sculpture by Judith Shea showing an empty coat, half a head, and an armless torso

Retrospective Reflections of Another Early Retiree (by Richard Norman)

So what did I do? I promptly made myself almost as busy as when I was working full-time, but this time without all the pay and benefits.
3 min read
Unclothed attractive woman in a seated position looking straight ahead

Would You Rather Be Smart, Attractive, or Have Wealthy Parents?

Imagine for a moment you can pick just one of the three. Which is most likely to bring you what you desire?
3 min read
Man with glasses in a Santa hat

A Smattering of Early Retirement Surprises … Should We Have Known?

Would you have known? Did you plan better than we did?
5 min read
A mural of a standing man with a raised foot saying "You got this" on the sole

You Could Be Alive Tomorrow, Are You Ready?

We fear death when what we should fear is another day of empty living
2 min read
Row upon row of people sitting in crowded bleachers

The Foregone Conclusion of the COP28 Cop-Out

Anyone who's worked on a team knows full well the reason governments are doomed to fail. Might us citizens also have the solution?
3 min read
Wall of stock certificates of defunct corporations

Unions Are Doing Humanity a Tremendous Service

At the same time, unions are inadvertently creating the conditions for their disappearance
3 min read
Rusty metal panel with logo EGLI in red, blue, and green triangles

Tips To Succeed on Medium

Advice for people who want to make money with their writing, particularly those who are writing on Medium. I discuss Medium Math, claps, followers, and more
6 min read