Why Not?

Swiss mountains with lake in the valley. Would you fill this alpine valley with trash?

Switzerland Spanks the U.S. in Everyday Sustainability

Is it because Swiss citizens care more, their politics still work, or something else?
4 min read
A small dog sitting on the seat of a bright green golf cart

My To-Do List Just Got Awesome

What happens when you don't only put chores on your list?
2 min read
Garmin track of two-mile ultramarathon loop

A No BS Way to Lose 6 Pounds in One Day

This weight loss method really works. Would you consider doing it?
3 min read
Screenshot of the top of the US Taxpayer Bill of Rights, also referred to as IRS Publication 1.

Do We Have Any Rights as Taxpayers? (Newsletter 075)

Only one in ten Americans trust themselves to file their tax return without outside help.
6 min read
What Giving up a Little Bit of Freedom Could Get Us (Newsletter 054)

What Giving up a Little Bit of Freedom Could Get Us (Newsletter 054)

It wasn't until we moved to Switzerland and lived there a spell that the upside of knowing where people are became clearer.
8 min read
Ways To Make Life Better (Why Not?)

Ways To Make Life Better (Why Not?)

I believe we have the power to improve the world. In that spirit, here are ten ways to make life better by focusing on the places we live. Places and circumstances differ but humans thrive under similar conditions.
2 min read