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Newsletters in Chronological Order

For easy reference: all the Newsletters in one place.

Here they are, from the very first one. Make sure you see them as they're published. Sign up for the free and fabulous weekly newsletter.

001 Welcome to Klugne
002 Does Klugne Mean Something?
003 Opinions Are (Mostly) Free
004 Things We Wish Were True
005 No, The Stoics Were Not Joyless Grouches
006 The One Thing You Always Have With You
007 In Case You Are Too Busy To Read This
008 How To Avoid Too Much Of A Good Thing
009 How Not To Get Rich
010 Don't Mistake Certainty For Correctness
011 A Conversation Is The Worst Way To Communicate
012 Regret ... And Other Things That Compound
013 You Will Be What I Am
014 Don't WFH Yourself Out Of A Job
015 How Does It Benefit Me?
016 You Get What You Incentivize
017 How Will You Be Remembered?
018 You're Not Allowed To Disagree With Me
019 Are You Spreading Propaganda Knowingly Or Unknowingly?
020 Can You Succeed At Work Without Working Hard?
021 Would You Rather Win The Silver Or Bronze Medal?
022 Is Your Country A GDPaholic?
023 How To Implement A Project With Lackluster Management Support
024 I Want It Now!
025 With Experience Comes ... Patience
026 It's Good To Be The Boss!
027 Who Can Freely Speak Their Mind?
028 Keep Your Cool
029 Do You Want To Hear The Truth?
030 What Should We Wish For?
031 Do You Have A "More" Mindset?
032 On Beginnings ... And Endings
033 Advice For New Managers: Develop Principles
034 Can You Think Your Way To Success?
035 Bread And Circuses
036 How To Reliably Identify A Fool
037 Can We Pay Everyone The Same Salary?
038 Try Not Telling People You're An Expert
039 Who Are The Most Cost-Effective Employees?
040 If You Don't Know The Costs Of Your Solution, You're Part Of The Problem
041 The Scariest Monsters Are Well-Intentioned
042 Why Aren't More Pharma Companies Non-Profits?
043 No One Cares As Much As You Do
044 What I Learned From Judging ... And Being Judged
045 Who's Running The Show
046 Whom Would You Vote To Banish?
047 When Suffering Is A Good Thing
048 Go Ahead, Become The Bigger Person
049 What The Heck Were They Thinking?
050 How's Your Moral Hygiene?
051 You Aren't What You Eat
052 A Solution To The College Debt Crisis
053 What If Ray Dalio Is Right?
054 What Giving Up A Little Bit Of Freedom Could Get Us
055 Can Big Government Spending Make Anything Better?
056 You Are What You Eat
057 Your Attitude is the Best Predictor of Success
058 Try Using Economics to Steer Your Life
059 Don't Worry About Greed
060 Yeah, We Probably Shouldn't Be Voting
061 America's Archduke Ferdinand Moment
062 A Little Philosophy Goes A Long Way
063 Our Wishful Thinking Era
064 When Leadership Fails
065 Disagree Without Being Disagreeable
066 What Would You Do With 1,000 Hours?
067 Jump Right In, The Water's Fine
068 How Valuable Is Consistency?
069 Slouching Towards Catastrophe
070 Looking On the Bright Side
071 The Scorecard One Year On – Is Anyone Winning?
072 How to Measure Your Impact on the World
073 What Will You Make That Lasts?
074 I've Got a Tip for You